2019 Kids are here

4/18/2020 These are last years kids.  I would expect to see some of the same colors in 2020.

The kids will be weaned and ready to go to new homes at the end of July or early August.  If you are buying kids, they need to go in pairs.  They cannot go to a new home without a buddy. 

Top Magnolia’s buckling, dob 4/11/19. sire PLF Liam
PLF Irma’s brown buckling,dob 4/10/19, sire STAG Pecos

PLF Sparkle’s red buck kid, dob 4/1/19, sire PLF Huntley

DSC_0444                  PLF Gillians white buck kids, dob 4/13/19, sire PS23 Aaron

PLF Haley’s doe kid, dob 4/11/19, Sire PS23 Aaron

PLF Inez’s doe kids, dob 4/15/19. sire STAG Pecos

NEF Robin’s red buck kid, dob 4/7/19,sire PLF Hans

NEF Robin’s white doe kid, dob 4/7/19, sire PLF Hans