2022 For Sale list

Thank you for looking……. We are in the process of moving. Shutting down the farm in Lakeville and moving all the goats to my brother Mike’s farm in Stanchfield, MN. We have a livestock moving date of June 1, 2022. We would like to sell the yearling bucks and yearling does before the move. We have a special price for them… call for pricing if interested. 612-245-8999

I am revising this page 6/12/2022 All the yearling does have been sold

I am going to leave the 2021 kids pictures up as there are yearlings on this page that were kids in 2021.

We have 4 yearling does that are available. 

There are 3 yearling bucks. They are on the “BUCKS” page.

Yearling does: The full fleece pictures were taken in late March.

Reagan PLF 488 SOLD Sire is PLF Lief, the dam is PLF Pearl. The DOB is 3/2/21. She will be registered as solid cream (not quite white)

Renee PLF 532 SOLD The sire is STAG Pier, the dam is PLF Natalie. The DOB is 4/7/21. She will be registered as solid white.

Liz PLF 514 SOLD The sire is PLF Jaxson, the dam is PS23 Kenya. DOB is 4/2/21. She will be registered as a solid light red.

Lenia PLF 522 SOLD The sire is PLF Prince, the dam is PS23 Kazakhstan. The DOB is 4/24/21. She will be registered as solid cream.