The 2023 Kids will be here in April 2023


We kept coming across these beautiful Colored Angora Goats and decided that we needed a couple. The breeding herd started with two and is now at eleven breeding does and two breeding bucks.

What makes the goats at Prairie Lake Farm different from other colored angora goats? Most colored Angora goat breeders are trying to do the same things. Improve the breeding stock of the colored angora goats. Produce a goat that is attractive to look at and capable of paying their way by producing quality mohair. Every farm has an ideal goat in mind that is the farm standard. At Prairie Lake Farm, our ideal goat would have a full body that is correct with straight legs and a straight top line. The animal needs to be balanced and attractive. On top of all that it has to produce an abundant amount of fine mohair. Where are we at? We have produced some very nice goats, but… there is this thing called a natural distribution curve. So, every year we have some goats for everybody. We have pet goats, we have nice breeding goats, and we have some show goats. As we move forward the overall quality improves, but we will still have goats for everyone.

All of our breeding stock is CAGBA or AAGBA Registered. We have herd tested for CAE, CL and Johne’s four times in the last 7 years. The tests have all been negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s.

About pricing, there are goats on the farm we really don’t want to sell… We are limited space in what we can keep by space. We have to sell some each year. We will discount multiple purchases. In fact, we encourage that you buy more than one so they will have a friend when you get them home.

We have a sales list of all that are available …send an e-mail for the full list.

If you have something special… ask…we may have it and not have it listed on our web page.