We have colored and white fleeces for sale.  We shear at the end of September and the end of March.  The average fleece length is 5 1/2 to 6 inches.

Charcoal kid White kid

10 pack of kid

The pictures are of washed kid mohair. The kid mohair has the most natural color. It is also the softest mohair.

The following is a pricing schedule, the prices are for whole fleeces. The weight of the whole fleece will depend on age of goat when sheared.

Fleece weight by age of raw skirted fleeces.

Kid 1½ to 3½ pounds

Yearling 3 to 5 pounds

Adult 4 to 6 pounds.

Below are prices per pound for premium mohair, that means little or no vegetable matter, little or no medullated fiber or kemp with good color and fineness.

Raw Kid $32/#

Raw Yearling $24/#

Raw Adult $18/#

Washed mohair add $10 per pound.

We can find mohair to fit your budget,  contact us if you have a large volume requirement or are willing to deal with some vegetable matter in the fleece.

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