5/6/21 This page is current but needs up dating as most of the buck here have been sold or are not available for sale. If you are looking for a buck ask there maybe one not on the for sale page yet…

You can click the pictures to get a bigger picture…the bucks name will be lower left.

There are eight bucks in the buck pen.  They are there because I hoard bucks, particularly bucks that I consider to be very nice. I will tell you a little about each one of them.


The not for sale buck is Luke; he is silver, blue or light gray whatever you choose to describe the color. He is not for sale because I think I have finally figured out how to breed silver.  So I need to see if I have it right or if I have to modify my thoughts about silver. He is a Columbus grandson.


This is my second not for sale buck. He is a yearling no pattern black, or a black pool black or a recessive black or what every name you want to use to describe the black at the bottom of the order of dominance. His sire is PLF Liam and his dam is PS23 Kazakhstan.  The PS23 doe is unrelated to any of my goats, and has outstanding fiber…so he is very usable on my does.


Pecos is registered as medium copper red; date of birth is 3/15/2012.  I bought him from Pat and Tracy Ross.  He has been here for two breeding seasons.  This is a big Texas buck as gentile and respectful as any I have ever had on my farm.  I have a Pecos son in the big boy pen so he would be available but the son would then need to stay. I bought this buck because of the mohair… he is fine with very little junk in the coat. Junk = modulated fiber and kemp.   Pecos has a flat coat, but I have gotten a fair amount of crimp out of my crimpy does bred to him.


This is the Pecos son out of a nice good producing PLF doe Georgia.  There were 18 buck kids in the 2019 kid crop he has made every cut to date.


Is not for sale at this time. Coach is a solid red buck.  He is a Luke son.  His dam is a PLF Imogene.  Coach’s date of birth is 3/28/18.  He comes from my blood lines but is not from my farm.  Did I say that I am a hoarder of what I consider outstanding bucks?  I bought him as a yearling.  We used him last fall for spring of 2020 kids.  There are a couple of his kids in the kid pen that I would like to see grow up.  Coach puts the CROME on his kids… legs, face, ears.


There is a common story that goes with these two bucks.  It’s a simple story but a complicated way to get new blood line into my herd.  Pat and Tracy Ross have a buck I tried to buy from them…he is not for sale!!!  So the next best thing to do is to send some does to Texas to breed to the buck that’s not for sale.  Four does went to Texas to be breed to Dryden…in return I have 6 Dryden kids…2 bucks and 4 does.  Now that is a lot of Dryden in my herd…but not too much.  My plan is to breed the yearling does this fall, also to use one of the Dryden boys.  Which one?  That is yet to be determined.  They are both up for sale but only one will be sold.  It becomes buyer’s preference.  Both bucks are closely related

Prince is a red cheek buck, his dam is PLF Nora.  Nora is silver doe with Columbus on both sides of the breeding. FYI Nora is a Gillian daughter.

Jonas is a no pattern black buck.  His dam is Lizzie a black red cheek. Lizzie’s dam is Gillian, a Columbus daughter, a doe I have considered to be my best ever goat. SOLD


This buck kind of sort of goes with the Texas shuffle but is a separate transaction. I needed an unrelated red buck for my fall 2019 breeding pens. That where Pier fits into the picture.  This is nice red blood lines.  ISF Jed is the sire.   The dam is 2JP Precious Penny.  Pier is a yearling buck.

Batting Order

There are three bucks that are not available. The other 5 are available.  I have not posted prices.  If you have a real interest call me we can talk about price. The price range is $350 to $ 750. If you have a real interest I will take more pictures. The available goats can change as I need 4-5 to fill my breeding pens for the fall of 2020.

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