2021 Kids

5/3/2022 I am going to leave this page up. There are kids on this page that are for sale as yearlings.

6/21/2021 Good day, thank you for looking. We have had 20 + kids born at Prairie Lake Farm in 2021. Most will be for sale. There will be a few that we will want to watch grow up. They will be marked not for sale. The prices are $400 for doe kids. The bucklings are $250. The boys that can be wethered will be priced at $125. There will be changes made to who is available for sale as they grow. Ask if there are changes don’t assume. The web site is always behind. There are three kids on this page that are not for sale today. 6/18/21

If you click on the pictures they will expand. when you are done there is a little x in the upper right corner that will bring you back to this page.

The kids will be weaned and ready to go to new homes at the end of July or early August.  If you are buying goats from PLF, they need to go in pairs.  They cannot go to a new home without a buddy. 

These are Inez’s triplets. The sire is PLF Luke

These are Joslyn’s triplets. The sire is Luke

Here are Natalie’s twins. The sire is Stag Pier

Here are Pearl’s kids. The sire is PLF Leif

These are Haley’s kids. The sire is STAG Pier (Not for sale)

Here are Primrose’s kids. The sire is Luke

Poppy and Misty had single bucklings. Their sire is PLF Leif

Poppy buckling is Rune. Misty’s buckling is Reno.

Nina had a single buckling, The Sire is LYKK Odin (Not for sale)

PLF 464 Rock

Jana had a single doe kid. The sire is Coach. (Not for sale)

PLF 460 Lilja

Jinni had a single buckling. The sire is Prince. (Not for sale)

PLF 470 Lasse

Sapphire had a buckling. the sire is Jaxson.

PLF 508 Lewin

Kenya had two doe kids. The sire is Jaxson.

Orianna had buckling. The sire is Coach.

Leanne had two kids a buckling and a doeling.. The sire is Coach.

KSF Magnolia had a single buckling. The sire is Jaxson.

PLF 506 Lorenz

Orchid had a buckling. The sire is Coach.

PLF 504 Lex

Kazakhastan had a buckling and a doeling. The sire is Prince.