2021 For Sale list

Thank you for looking…….

I have some package sales available this year.  They are does with their kids. I would like to keep the packages available until the first of June.  That way if someone is interested in the package of the mother and her kids they can take the goats home after the middle of May.  If you are buying kids they will be weaned and ready to go by August 1st. If you are buying just the doe and not her kids you will need to wait until the 1st of August after the kids are weaned.

I have two sets of triplets. 

Both the moms with their kids are available.

Joslyn is a first time mom with triplets.  That is not normal for my farm. Joslyn is doing very well with her kids.  The issue with her is getting enough food in her so the kids don’t nurse her down.  She being feed 4 times per day rather than the twice, in that she is a two year old doe she is still growing as well as feeding her kids.  She has dark oatmeal colored buckling, a silver doeling and a silver buckling.  If you are interested in the package, you can buy the boys as wethers or bucklings your choice. The package price will depend on what you would like to do with the boys.

Inez produced the second set of triplets.  Inez is a nine year old doe that is as big as a house.  She has had many kids and it shows. She has two doe kids and one buckling. The buckling is silver, one of the doelings is silver, and the third kid is a black doeling. Inez is priced at $200. The package price will be decided with what we do with the buckling.

Petra has a set of female twins one is red one is black.  They are available as a threesome. SOLD

Jana The adult doe is available. The doeling is not.

Natalie is a silver doe with two white kids, a boy and a girl.  They are available as a threesome.

Those are the goats available in a mother kid / package.

The following are available as kids after weaning.

Pearl has twins a black boy kid and a light silver doe kid.  The black buckling can be wethered.

Poppy has a white buckling.

Haley has two light red kids a buckling and a doeling.  At this time the boy is not be available as a wether.

Prices…does are $400 each.  Bucklings are $250 each.  Wethers are $125 each.