2017 Kids are here

The 2017 kids are here:  21 total, 11 bucklings 10 doelings.  I don’t have any idea yet of what’s for sale.  The kids will be weaned and ready to go to new homes at the end of July or early August.  If you are buying kids, they need to go in pairs.  They cannot go to a new home without a buddy.  I will post some pictures so you can see what we have on the farm.


Nina and Neena 2017 kids

Dam TOP Magnolia Sire PLF Liam

DSC_5331 (2)

These are KSF Magnolias’ triplets.  Sire is PLF Liam


This is PLF Beauty with her 2017 kids. The solid light red is a buckling.  The dark red cheek is a doeling.  the sire is Liam

DSC_5271 (2)

Mocha and her twin 2017 bucklings. Sire is Liam.  the nose pocking into the left corner is one of the triplets.


These are PLF Joyce’ twin doelings.

DSC_0448 (2)

PLF Haley’ 2017 kids are a white buckling and a dark red doeling…. I just have a picture of their butts…sorry.

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