Prairie hottest celebrities Lake Farm is a family affair. Fabio the goatThree animated porn generations have been enjoying our unique animals. We discovered the llamas at the Minnesota State Fair, and what started as “we just have to have 2 or 3 of these” has grown to a small herd. We added colored angora goats to the farm in 2003.

We gay sex are not breeding llamas as the goats have taken over the finanical responsibilities. .

Fawn the goatSo cartoon porn pics how do you go from llamas to goats? That was easy. We were shearing the llamas on an annual basis to keep them cool in the summer. The fiber we sheared we pooling with other llama breeders and having it processed into yarn. The colored angora goats produced natural fiber, and the kids are cute. So if you can shear the llamas why not shear goats for fiber. We didn’t shear very many goats before we figured out “this is a different fiber business”. These little critters are capable of producing enough to pay their way and more. So we began a slow transition from llamas to colored angora goats. Of course one of the biggest differences was our fencing. Most llamas are easy to keep fenced. We had a few llama fences that would hold the goats to start but…

Come for a visit and hear the rest of the story.Fancy the goat

We porn cartoon are located south of Minneapolis-St. Paul just off Interstate 35, 12 minutes from the Mall of America--.window shoppers welcome, but please call ahead or email. We would also be happy black girls to answer any questions you may have.    Last update on this web site..1/18/2014..    Thank  you  for visiting.    Have a great day.  hentai sex ph

Prairie Lake Farm
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